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Miracle Temple Church of Deliverance, was founded by Bishop D.C. Thompson, in January of 1996. The congregation has grown from a small beginning to a flourishing membership.  Approximately 100 people now worship at Miracle Temple Church of Deliverance, under the leadership of Bishop Thompson. Many people express a desire to join the congregation in order to worship and study the word of God under the guidance of this anointing. Bishop Thompson is a wonderful resource and we all have much to gain as we pray and study with him. He is a man that truly walks as Christ walked.

Miracle Temple Church of Deliverance was incorporated in May of 1996. We have since worshiped in many places. We have found our home at 1301 W. Parkerville Road, Ste. C Desoto, TX 75115.  We have truly been blessed to have found this place. We are currently in negotiations with the owners of a section of land in hopes that we will be able to build a new church home there.

We have endeavored to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to bring ministry into the community. It is our desire to spread the word of God through the community and thereby create an environment of hope and peace.

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